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Quilt Rack Plans

Quilt Rack Plans


Quilt Rack

Nothing warms up a room like the warmth and feel of a quilt. Old, new or heirloom quilts should all be displayed to show off their beauty and spark loving memories. Here is a simple quilt rack you can make in a single day.

This is a quilt rack that is easy to build and will make a loving display you can keep for yourself or give as a gift. You can choose from pine, poplar, oak, and a variety of other types of wood that you might prefer. Depending on your particular needs, the rack may be painted, stained or have a natural finish. This quilt rack is made from eight simple parts and makes a for a fun project.

Find easy to follow instructions and diagrams to help you along from beginning to end. A quilt rack makes a great gift and will be cherished always.

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