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Knick Knack Shelf Plans

Knick Knack Shelf


Knick Knack Shelf

This elegant knick knack shelf will dress up any wall in a hallway or anywhere in the home. You can display some of those choice little items so that others may enjoy their beauty or novelty.

To cut out the pattern on the sides you'll need a scroll saw, or a hand-held coping saw will do the job. Dadoes for the joinery can be cut with a router or on the table saw- and that's all the machinery requirements- though a small drum sander in a drill press is helpful for shaping the curves. Choose from oak, walnut or pine for the wood but be sure that whatever wood and finish you use, you'll have knick knack shelves that are both attractive and functional.

Display your favorite items on this easy-to-build knick knack shelf - a fun weekend project.

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