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Baby Cradle Plans

Wooden Baby Cradle Plans


Wooden Baby Cradle

The gentle back-and-forth movement of a babies cradle can be almost as soothing to a parent as it is to a baby. There is definitely something very comforting about a wooden cradle that sooths the mood. With it's wooden canopy and turned rocking treadles this cradle is truly unique.

Build this wooden cradle with a delicately arched canopy that shields the baby's sensitive eyes from harsh light. This cradle has twin, turned treadle bars that allow you to rock the cradle with one foot while relaxing in your favorite easy chair. A baby cradle that any Mom and baby would love to have and it will be passed down through the family and become a cherished heirloom.

Build a baby cradle using this plan and feel good knowing you have made a timeless piece of furniture for your children, grandchildren and so on'

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