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Folding / Drop Leaf Table Plans

Folding/Drop Leaf Table Plans


Folding Table / Drop Leaf Table

A drop leaf/folding table is a great piece of furniture when needing more room, as it can be easily tucked away until needed.

A classic solution to creating more space when it's needed is the drop-leaf table. This table is inspired by a 16th-century design still useful today because it's so efficient. Lift the leaf when you want more surface area. Drop it when you want a slimmer, neater look. Out of several variations this is the simplest one, with a single leaf and a fifth leg that swings out to support it. It's perfect for a foyer and can be built with basic tools and a small table saw in a home workshop.

Build this functional table that can be stored away so easily and makes for a great table when needed.

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