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Compost Bin Plans

Compost Bin Plans


Compost Bin

Most lawns generate a lot of yard waste each year. Instead of bagging it for disposal, why not convert it to a usable resource such as compost. In addition to being environmentally friendly, many states have laws banning yard waste from landfills.

Here is a plan for a two-bin composting system can be built by one person in about five hours. The bin holds one ton of properly moistened yard waste. It's rodent proof and has removable front doors to reduce the work of turning the compost. You will never have to buy organic matter for your garden again. You can also adapt this design to a three-bin system by adding another middle partition and increasing the length of the system to three feet.

This downloadable plan gives you all the instructions you will need to built your own compost bin and will also help improve the environment.

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